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Target Shaped Rash

Infected Tick Bite

Adult Deer Tick
Target Shaped RashInfected Tick BiteAdult Deer Tick

Although Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the Brookfield area, other diseases including Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis (Anaplasma) have outpaced Lyme Disease in the Brookfield area in recent years. Ticks may be submitted to the Brookfield Health Department to be sent for examination and identification free of charge. It is the policy of the State lab to examine only those Ticks, both nymph and adult forms, which are engorged with blood and currently ONLY for the Lyme Disease organism. This indicates that the insect has bitten for an adequate length of time and disease transfer is therefore possible.The Lab does not test ticks removed from pets or other animals.

Please use the form below to submit ticks to the Brookfield Health Department
(free for Brookfield residents only):

Please note it takes approximately 2 weeks to obtain a result from the State laboratory in New Haven.

If any suspicious symptoms such as a rash, joint symptoms, headache or nervous symptoms arise beforehand, please consult your physician immediately.

The following slide presentation is offered for the benefit of Brookfield residents:

For further information, you may submit questions via email, or click here for more information.