To the public we serve:

The health of our employees, and of the public we serve, is of the highest concern to us.  In order to best serve the public and keep our people safe, during the Covid-19 Pandemic Response, we have made some changes in the way we do business and temporarily suspended some non-emergency services.

As always - In an Emergency – Please Call 911

Until further notice, the following modifications to service delivery are in effect:

  • Non-Emergency Police Complaints:
    • Officers will maintain social distancing
    • Meet officers outside if possible
    • Report incidents by telephone when appropriate
  • Police Records Requests:
    • Use Telephone or Email if possible
  • Non-Emergency Police Inquiries:
    • Dispatchers will take phone numbers and have an officer call
  • Police Medical Assistance:
    • EMS Personnel in proper gear will be primary responders
    • Police Personnel will remain outside until cleared to enter by EMS
  • Public Fingerprinting:

Until further notice, the following service suspension is in effect:

  • Tours of the Police Building


Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.