Pay Taxes Online / Tax Inquiry

DMV releases will be processed 24-72 hours after the payment. Weekends and holidays can delay this process.

PLEASE NOTE FEES: Credit card/debit card payments are 2.95% with a $1.95 minimum and echeck transactions are 95 cents.

The second installment for Real Estate, Personal Property and Supplemental Motor Vehicle will be due January 1, 2021.  Real Estate and Personal Property bills were mailed on June 29, 2020. Motor vehcile supplemental bills were mailed on December 16, 2020.  Bills can be veiwed on the website.

You will only receive one bill for your Real Estate and Personal Property taxes.  The coupon for the second installment will be sent with the first installment.

Last day to pay taxes on the first installment is August 3,2020 and February 1, 2021 for the second installment.

You may call 1-877-271-5230 to make payments. There are additional fees for this service.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 203-775-7304 or email your question.