Motor Vehicle

When should your motor vehicle(s) be registered in Brookfield? 

If you live in Brookfield as a homeowner, renter, or are temporarily staying with a friend or family member on or before October 1, 2020, your vehicle(s) should be registered in the town of Brookfield.  If you are a property owner and are renting out your Brookfield property, please contact your tenants and notify them that they need to have their vehicles registered in Brookfield, or supply us with their information and we will contact them.

If you have more than one home and live in Brookfield for part of the year, you may have to fill out a personal property form for the vehicle(s) that are here during your stay.

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How are motor vehicle values determined?

The Department of Motor Vehicles provides a list to every town in Connecticut of the motor vehicles registered in that town. The assessed value of a motor vehicle is 70% of the published average retail selling price per the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) appraisal guide. If you disagree with the assessment, the Board of Assessment Appeals meets in September to hear motor vehicle appeals. The date and time of the BAA Motor Vehicle Appeals is published in the News Times in August, noted on our website or is available by calling the Assessor's office.

For motor vehicle adjustments we are accepting proofs only by mail, email or fax

Adjustments to Your Motor Vehicle Tax

In addition to a  DMV plate cancellation receipt, a proration may be issued if, after October 1st the vehicle is:  sold, registered in another state, totalled, traded in, stolen and not recovered, or donated/junked. Please click the link below for acceptable forms of proof to receive a credit:

Acceptable forms of proof for motor vehicle credit

If the vehicle is replaced and registered with the same license plate, a credit is applied automatically to the Supplemental Tax bill issued the following January for the replacement vehicle. No documentation is required.

State law requires residents to notify the DMV within 48 hours of a change of address to either the vehicle registration or driver's license.

If you relocate without correcting the change of address with the DMV, it is possible you will not receive your tax bill in a timely manner - even if a forwarding order were filed with the post office. You are responsible for the tax payment even if you do not receive a tax bill. Failure to pay the tax bill when due may result in denial of future registrations and/or suspension of your registration privileges. Be sure to check with the Tax Collector in both your previous and current towns if you do not receive a bill. This situation may apply whether the move is within the same town, elsewhere in Connecticut or out-of-state. Taxes are payable to the town in which you reside as of October 1st.

Motor Vehicle Assessment Appeals

Appeals of motor vehicle assessments are scheduled in September with the date and time published in The News Times. If you receive a supplemental bill they will be scheduled in March.  Appointments are not scheduled; however, an appeal form is required and supporting documentation should be provided to the Board. A copy of the tax bill for the vehicle in question as well as an odometer statement and/or a statement of mechanical expenses or a repair estimate will assist the Board in making a determination. If possible, the vehicle in question should be brought to the hearing. All values are based on the October 1st Grand List date and are taken from NADA pricing guides.  Please see more information on The Board Of Assessment Appeals page.