Chimney Safety Message

Chimney Cleaning

Yes, it's that time of year again with cold weather coming. Home owners should make sure that their chimney and fireplaces are ready for winter. Proper care and maintenance to your chimney is a critical element in home ownership. Cleaning your chimney from creosote, soot and debris can help prevent chimney fires.

Chimney cleaning; most people have no idea what takes place in cleaning their chimney. For a masonry chimney you use a wire brush unit, for a metal chimney you use a special polypropylene brush. In both cases, you run the brush up and down the chimney from the top (roof area). Make sure you get all soot and debris. You may have to brush the chimney pipe two or three times to make sure you have removed creosote buildup. Many people forget to clean their oil burner or gas furnace chimneys. Oil heat chimney flues require regular cleaning and maintenance.

How often should you clean your chimney when you use a wood stove? The chimney needs to be cleaned two times during the heating season, and always make sure your smoke detectors and CO detectors have new batteries and are in good working order.

This Safety Message comes to you from the Brookfield Fire Marshal's office and the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department.