Reminder: While employees are still working weekdays 8AM-4PM, Town Hall is open by appointment only 10AM-3PM.

As we prepare for a potential re-opening of Town Hall, we are continuing to help residents via email and telephone daily. For the safety of our employees and residents, we are maintaining a reduced in-office staff, with many of our employees processing transactions with residents remotely. To ensure safe behavior and social distancing are maintained, we encourage residents to contact the departments by email or telephone if possible, and arrange an appointment if they need an in-person meeting.

Assessor                       (203)775-7302
Board of Education       (203)775-7700
Building                         (203)775-7305
Finance                         (203)775-7308
Fire Marshal                 (203)775-7306
First Selectman            (203)775-7301
Health                           (203)775-7315
Human Resources       (203)775-7303
Land Use                     (203)775-7316
Libary                           (203)775-6241
Parks & Recreation     (203)775-7310
Public Works               (203)775-7318
Registrar of Voters      (203)775-7343
Senior Center              (203)775-5308
Social Services           (203)775-7312
Tax Collector              (203)775-7304
Town Clerk                 (203)775-7313
WPCA                        (203)775-7319