Connecticut Energy Assistance Program


Assistance for heating is available through this federally funded program. The energy program is designed to help with your winter heating costs. CEAP is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating. If you are applying, you should continue to pay on your heating bill. If your household is determined eligible, authorizations and payments are made directly to the utility company or the fuel vendor on your behalf.

Applicants must provide proof of income and assets for all household members who may reside with them, for the four weeks prior to the application date. If natural gas or electricity is the heating source, you must provide a copy of that bill which must be in the applicant's name or a household member who is of majority status, or an emancipated minor.

For homeowners, the first $15,000 in liquid assets, and for other households, the first $12,000 in liquid assets, is disregarded. Any amount over that limit, when added to the annual gross income must be below the income guidelines.

The Energy Assistance Program, which includes a Weatherization Program, officially begins November 1st, however we may begin taking applications a month or so earlier.

Call the Social Services office to set up an appointment to complete an application.