Brookfield Underwater Rescue/ Recovery Team (B.U.R.T.)

Various Dive Photos

There are several bodies of water in or adjacent to Brookfield. The Brookfield Underwater Rescue Team (B.U.R.T.) has been created to investigate crimes and conduct rescue operations on those waters adjacent to Brookfield. The Team also assists the surrounding communities should the need arise for their expertise.

All members of this team are certified rescue divers who train several times a year in rescue and recovery operations. Currently there is a Captain and five Officers assigned to the team. Each member is equipped by the Department with a dry suit, wet suit, tanks, regulator, Interspiro full face positive pressure mask, weight belts, fins and underwater communicator.

The team members are trained in underwater investigation, ice diving, dry suit operations, open water diving, rescue diver II and swift water operations. The team has a Ford 450 diesel Bus and a 15'5" Zodiac inflatable boat powered by a 25hp Mercury engine dedicated to its use. The team uses a buddy phone communication system to talk with each diver.