Patrol Division

Police Department

pd car imageThe backbone of any police department is the patrol division. These are the uniformed officers that are most visible in the community. They are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The patrol officer is the first person you will meet after you have called the police to report an accident or a crime. The Patrol Division is commanded by the Major and is staffed by 5 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 17 patrol officers, and 5 special officers.

The Patrol Division is comprised of patrol personnel  who are assigned to one of four shifts, or squads. These Officers maintain twenty-four hour patrol  coverage for the Town of Brookfield.

Within the Patrol Division several specialty units have been developed.

The Brookfield Police Department is especially proud of our officers that choose to become involved in any of our Specialty Services. These officers  provide exemplary service in areas of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, which require additional advanced training and commitment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sean Flynn Police Officer (203) 775-7710, Ext. 7375
Tony Augustine Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor (203) 740-4107
Jameson Zaloski Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor (203) 740-4109
Jeffrey Osuch Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor (203) 740-4106
Robert Pennoyer Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor (203) 740-4108
Kevin Brooks Corporal, Patrol Supervisor (203) 775-2575
Jared Turner Corporal, Patrol Supervisor (203) 775-2575
Christopher Rosado Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor (203) 775-2575
Eric Birdseye Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Mark F. Miller Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Jeffrey Harrington Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Michael Almeida Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Jason Anderson Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Jason Fiege Corporal, Patrol Supervisor (203) 775-2575
Mitchell Heller Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Jason Livingston Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Christopher Campbell Corporal, Patrol Supervisor (203) 775-2575
Joseph Kyek Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Phillip Saunders Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Thomas Robbins Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Kelsey Sullivan Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Brian Flanagan Patrol Officer (203) 740-6096
Terrence Hawaux Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Audrey Ryan Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
Steven Rountos Patrol Officer (203) 775-2575
John Schalkham Police Officer (203) 775-2575
Travis Kullgren Police Officer (203) 775-2575