2. Accessory Apartment

Also referred to as single family conversions and/or in-law apartments

A permit is required for approval of an accessory apartment within a single family dwelling. The living area of the apartment must be between 480 and 800 square feet. Eligibility for this type of approval mandates that either the tenant or the occupant be 55 years or older and/or disabled. Second degree family members or caregivers may also occupy the apartment in order to meet the eligibility requirements. One member of a related dissolved civil union may also be an occupant of the apartment or of the primary dwelling space.

The Zoning Commission must approve single family conversion applications. In order to maintain the status, the owner of the house must complete an affidavit on an annual basis that attests to the person living in the tenant space and/or the primary dwelling space. If the owner is planning any interior and/or exterior alterations to the home, the appropriate building application (either residential interior alterations application or residential decks, barns, garages application) must be completed. For further information, please refer to Section 3.16 of the Zoning regulations. All forms mentioned above are available online by clicking here.