IMPORTANT INFO on FEMA regulations and debris cleanup funding.

We all understand obtaining FEMA funding is critical to the town’s effort to rebuild after the storm. It’s essential that each of us fully understand two FEMA rules so we do not jeopardize that funding, which can cover as much as 75% of the total cleanup cost.

First, and most important, do not drag brush from private property onto the town right-of-way. There are FEMA inspectors monitoring the cleanup, following every truck picking up debris. If an inspector sees a resident dragging brush from private property onto the town right-of-way, FEMA could disqualify the entire town from receiving any aid. We could lose up to $1,125,000 of the $1.5 million authorized for the cleanup.

That $1,125,000 is money we possibly could use for a townwide cleanup when we have completed the town right-of-way. Again: please do not bring brush from private property to town roads and jeopardize FEMA funding.

The second essential rule is about the town brush yard. FEMA requires we maintain a State-certified brush yard to track the source of every cubic yard of debris, count it as it’s delivered, and certified as actual storm debris.

We closed the town brush yard because FEMA will not allow anyone other than our contractor to use it, and because it’s a very dangerous place to work. We are working with our contractor to open the yard to residents on Saturdays going forward. We estimate that it will take one month to do the town right of way clean up.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this challenging cleanup.