Brookfield is the 6th town in CT since the inception of the 8-30g program to obtain a moratorium on the building of affordable housing. This will return control of all development to the town and will be in effect for 4 years. Developers with new projects will now have to meet all of the town’s zoning laws to build in Brookfield. This was a very complicated and involved process and we want to thank all who assisted in obtaining the moratorium.

Updated 9/11/2017: Attached the approved Moratorium application
Approved 8-30g Affordable Housing application for an Moratorium of 8-30g affordable housing developments supported by the State of CT, Department of Housing for the Town of Brookfield, CT. The 4 year affordable housing moratorium went into effective on Monday, July 25, 2017. It’s in effect through July 25, 2021.