Brookfield Storm Recovery Information

storm recovery

Check here often for ongoing updates and information regarding restoration and recovery efforts. 

Due to the magnitude of the situation, please anticipate a high call volume at Town Hall.  If you cannot get through, please leave a message and someone will get back to you.  

Town Hall and Senior Center will be available as charging stations during normal business hours.

The Brookfield Library will have charging for devices and internet and computers for the public to use during their normal business hours. They also have library amnesty, meaning all overdue books can be returned without fines for the whole week.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: (updated 5/23 6:30PM)
As you may have heard, our annual Brookfield Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled this year. Our first responders have worked tirelessly over the past week keeping us safe and restoring our infrastructure. Some of our neighbors have experienced extensive damage to their homes and most everyone is working hard to clean up after a devastating storm. The town has determined that it is not able to move forward with the parade at this time. A parade later in the year is being considered.

However, the Brookfield Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) will hold a Memorial Day Ceremony at Williams Park on Monday, May 28, beginning at 11:30am to honor and remember those service men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

All are welcome to attend.

Joe Beal
Commander, Brookfield VFW

INFORMATION ABOUT FEMA: (updated 5/23 6:30PM - no longer accepting reports by email, replaced with online form)
In order for the Town and its residents to be eligible for any FEMA funding, the Town, the State and President Trump must all declare CT a disaster zone.  The Town and the State have declared Brookfield a disaster zone and we are working on getting the President to declare one.

At the current time, each resident is responsible for clearing their own properties.  Please do not drag brush to the street as it can interfere with out utility crews who have to reconnect the power.  The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance will meet to discuss ways that the Town can help with log and large debris removal.  We will inform you as information becomes available.

The Town needs your assistance!  The Town of Brookfield will soon be applying for FEMA for financial aid from storm damage sustained last week.  In order to substantiate our claims - we are asking residential and business property owners to submit picture(s) of damage to any structure on your property, along with your name, the address pictured, and a brief description of the extent of damage sustained.  Please use this form to submit your Storm Damage Report online.
Thank you in advance.
SCHOOL INFORMATION: Updated on 5/25 3:30 pm

Dear Brookfield Families:

Below is an update of bus stop changes put in place due to the storm on May 15th.  This will be in effect until Tuesday, May 29th.  We will re-assess these stops again on Tuesday afternoon and will continue to keep you updated.  Thank you for your continued patience.

  • Deer Run, Flax Hill, Wood Creek and Mist Hill Main Drive area  
    There are still some areas with difficult travel so the bus will not go down Flax hill from Whipoorwill through the end of Old Hemlock and we will not go down the cul de sac portion of Deer Run - the stops will be at Flax Hill and Whippoorwill, Whippoorwill and Deer Run and Old Hemlock and Deer Run
  • South Lake Shore, Long View, Berkshire
    – go to Candlewood Shores Ball Field/ Ensure that your child has a ride to and from this bus stop. If a student does not have a ride from the bus stop for the afternoon; the driver will bring your child back to school.
  • Kellogg from Bayview through Arrowhead, Hickory, Laurel - this has now returned to normal 
  • White Pine – go to intersection of Cedar & White Pine
  • Dorset – go to intersection of Dorset & Obtuse North
  • Hillside Circle – go to intersection of Hillside Circle & Hillside Court
  • ​​​​​​​Old Turnpike – this has now returned to normal​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
  • ​​​​​​​Juniper – go to intersection of Juniper  & Crestview
  • Stonybrook – this has now returned to normal
  • ​​​​​​​Meadow Dr. – this has now returned to normal
  • Thompson Farm – this has now returned to normal
  • Tower between Ox Dr. and Greenridge – this has now returned to normal
  • Tower between Whitetail  & Tower Rd Extension – this has now returned to normal
  • South Obtuse remains off limits on the Newtown side this does not effect stop locations just times may vary

All inquiries about power restoration should be directed to Eversource at 1-800-286-2000.  
Updated outage information can also be found on the Eversource website:
Eversource Crews from around the region, in conjunction with Brookfield Public Works Crew and assistance from the National Guard have been working tirelessly to remove trees from roadways, in order to repair damage and restore power.
As of the morning of 5/22, about 95% of Brookfield has power. We started the day with just under 450 customers reported without power, down from 1950 yesterday morning. Eversource has over 100 bucket crews working on power restoration, in addition to crews installing new poles or verifying service lines to residences. Out of 344 broken poles in the area, over 275 have already been fixed, with progress rapidly nearing completion. 
Once restoration is complete, Eversource is committed to a fll circuit assessment to ensure stability of all poles and cleanup of their repair debris.
**Please see Eversource Update for 5/21/18  below in attachments.

We would like to remind people that any down wires that were dead days following the storm, may become re-energized during repair efforts. Now, is the time to be EXTRA safe and avoid downed wires!

Currently the Town has been given no restoration timetable regarding Cable/Telephone Service. 

For further information please contact Charter Communications at:  1-833-267-6094
Please contact Frontier at: 1-800-921-8101

All building and/or structural damage questions should be directed to the Building Department. (203)775-7305 
Building Officials are currently going to the heavily affected areas assessing damages.

Showers and charging stations are available at the Greenknoll YMCA during regular business hours. Please bring your own toiletries.

Charging Stations and Wi-Fi is available at Town Hall and Senior Center.

Water filling stations are available at the Firehouse on Pocono Road, the Police Station on Silvermine Road, the Candlewood Company Firehouse on Bayview Drive.

The Town Brush Yard is located between Town Hall and the fire house on Pocono Road and is open for residents to drop off brush. The emergency schedule is seven days a week, from 8am to 4pm.


Please use caution with generators and be sure they are away from windows and doors.  Check your stove tops and other appliances to be sure they are all turned off and won't cause a fire when power returns.  Be sure your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector batteries are fresh.  Please check your chimney caps to be sure they are not completely covering the stack, as this could pose another issue.

Check on your neighbors to be sure they are safe.  If you have damaged/vacant homes in your neighborhood, and notice any suspicious activity, please report to the police.  

The Still River Greenway (SRG) is closed and should not be used until crews can enter, clear the path and evaluate trees along the trail for safety.

In any Emergency - Dial 911.  For non-emergency calls, please call (203)775-2575.

Due to the uprooting and/or falling of many trees/tree limbs and flooding associated with the storm as well as the potential for vehicular traffic over septic systems associated with storm response, there is a concern regarding damage to septic systems that may include:
1. Damaged septic leaching fields and/or septic drywells and associated pipe that may cause systems to bleed septage/sewage to the surface and/or back-ups of sewage into the home.
2. Flooding of septic leaching fields and/or septic drywells that may cause systems to bleed septage/sewage to the surface and/or back-ups of sewage into the home.
3. Damaged septic tanks and/or septic pump chambers that may have compromised the integrity and/or function of these subsurface vessels.

CAUTION! Tree and branch/brush clean-up and removal: Presently, items 1 & 3 above are of particular concern if residents have tree removal equipment entering their lots that might drive on top of any portions of their septic systems. Tree clean-up and removal workers should be well-informed of the locations of septic tanks, septic pump chambers and septic leaching fields before driving across properties.
Residents should take some time to inspect the areas where their septic tanks, pump chambers (note: not all septic systems have pump chambers) and leaching fields are buried on their properties to look for signs of bleed-out such as soft wet patches and odor. Septage from significant bleeds will appear black in color and odor is usually strongest after significant dosing has occurred following laundry and showering. If you suspect that you have septage bleeding to the surface be sure to stay away from it until repairs can be effected. Mark the area as necessary to be avoided. Any sewage back-ups into the home should be cleaned using personal protection (rubber gloves) and disinfectants such as bleach solutions.

FINALLY, if your power is out for an extended period of time AND you have a SEPTIC PUMP CHAMBER AND you are able to use water there is a chance that after some time your pump chamber may overflow. If this occurs contact a septic pumping vendor and have the pump chamber pumped clean. This will provide more time to continue discharging to your septic system.
If you have any questions call the Brookfield Health Department at 203-775-7315 and we will answer them and inspect as necessary.