Septic System Rules & Regulations

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Please Note: Effective July 1, 2015, a fee of $10.00 will be levied for each Septic Pumping Permit.

All Septic repair Permit fees incurred due to storm damage will be waived if reported to the department by June 30, 2018. However, homeowners and contractors MUST obtain a Permit.

The Brookfield Health Department recommends Pumping your Septic Tank every two (2) years and having it inspected every four (4) years.

The Town of Brookfield has transitioned to a new Electronic Tracking format called the Carmody Septic Tracking System. Please bear with us during the changeover.
This will allow for relatively easy reporting of events such as pump-outys, repairs, inspections or new installations, with the anticipated co-operation of Septic Companies and home-owners. Results will be available on-line at and we ask your patience while we attempt to build a worthwile data base. It is hoped the plans and As-builts will be added in time, allowing easy access to these often requested documents.

The enforcement of the Connecticut Public Health Code (PHC) requirements governing disposal of sewage through septic systems is the primary responsibility of the Brookfield Health Department. A potential building lot must be investigated by the Town Sanitarian for sub-surface soil conditions, in deep test pits and the measurement of the ability of those soils to receive water, with the aid of percolation tests. Once performed, a Professional Engineer or licensed septic installer will be able to design a system, which would overcome any limiting factors in the system's construction and its ability to comply with the health code. The Engineer's/ Installer's plan then must be approved by the Sanitarian, after which a permit is issued to a Connecticut Licensed installer to perform the work also in compliance with the health code. At completion, the system is then inspected by the Sanitarian, before final approval (Permit to Discharge) for use is granted.

Septic Systems of Larger Size - The Local Health Department has no jurisdiction over larger systems.

Septic Systems with Design Flows of 2000 to 5000 gallons per day are regulated at the State DPH level. The DPH Sub-surface Sewage Disposal section may be reached at 860-509-7296. Systems with Design Flows greater than 5000 gallons per day, including multiple small systems on a single lot are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. DEEP may be reached at: 860-424-3018.

B100a Compliance

This section requires that a public health code-compliant septic area be located and reserved on any property where building conversions, changes in use, additions, or pools, decks and sheds are being proposed. The property owner should hire either a professional engineer or licensed septic installer to conduct soil testing on the property. After soil characteristics are determined, the engineer or installer must draw a proposal for a reserve septic system and submit it to this department. Once the proposal is approved by the Sanitarian, building plans for any conversion, change in use, additions, or pools, decks and sheds may move forward.

Sewage Backup Facts

See the following link for Sewage backup issues: