Public Nuisances

Uncovered Garbage attracts Vermin!Uncovered Buckets attract Mosquitoes!
Uncovered Garbage attracts Vermin!Uncovered buckets attract mosquitos!

Responsibilities of the Brookfield Health Department include responding to and investigating all complaints referable to public nuisances which impact the health of individuals or the community at large. Please present your complaint in writing, (including the complainants name, address, daytime phone number and signature), addressed to the Brookfield Health Department at 100 Pocono Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. You may also do so by printing out and completing a Complaint Form.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the alleged nuisance will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken, in compliance with the Department's policies and CGS, Sections 19-13-B1 and 19-13-B2.


The Brookfield Health Department does not monitor Outdoor Woodburning Stoves or open burning. Locally, such issues are the purview of the Fire Marshal. Statewide, air pollution complaints are handled by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). Their Air Pollution Complaint Hotline is: (860) 424-3436 or they can be reached by email.

Outdoor Woodburning Stoves Outdoor Woodburning Stoves